Ari Lennox Weight Loss Journey- Diet Plans Revealed!

By Anna Maria
Published on September 2, 2021, Updated on September 2, 2021

What’s the best gift you’d present yourself on your birthday? An American R&B singer, Ari Lennox became an amazeballs when she took social media to flaunt her body transformation in a chic bikini on her birthday.

Born on March 26, 1991, Ari Lennox shot to fame shortly after dropping her debut EP Pho back in 2016. Also, she is the pioneer female artist who signed to J. Cole’s record label, Dreamville Records. Lately, in 2020, she revealed in an interview that she is too lazy to hit the gym regularly still yearned to look like one of the polished celebrities. A few months later, she made a great show in a bikini, which became a talk of the town in a few seconds.

Let’s get through an R&B singer and songwriter, Ari Lennox’s journey to weight loss and amusing body transformation tale.

Ari Lennox Weight Loss Details

In September 2020, she opened up in an interview that she didn’t feel pressure to change herself in this glamour world but deep inside she desired to glam up like other celebrities. She didn’t set goals to shed the weight since the singer felt conflicted either to be herself or work on her curves.

 “I’m too lazy. So I don’t give a sh*t, kind of,” Ari explained. “Part of me wants to look as polished as some of the greatest legends that are around today. But another thing I’m just like, ‘Man, that’s also not me every day.’ I don’t mind showing people what I look like every day, because what the hell? To me, that’s real life. At least that’s my real life, but I’m also conflicted because I’m at a point where I do want to be like Beyoncé and just be really just glammed up and really badass-gorgeous. I do feel conflicted at times.”

ari lennox weight loss

Ari Lennox’s weight loss Journey revealed!

Nonetheless, on her 30th birthday, fans were amused to see the body transformation of the singer. Lennox. None have ever imagined witnessing the ‘Shea Butter Baby’ singer in a slim and fit frame. As per her trainer, Shadia, she has shed down three percent of body fat; and approximately five pounds as a whole. The trainer, Shadia also confirmed that Lennox didn’t miss the gym schedule and went through healthy diets for a proportionate weight.

Body Transformation: Before and After Pictures

While she only focussed on making up to the studios, she didn’t have second thoughts on how she appeared on the screen and how she should glam up as others did. It must be the grounds that peeps generally criticized her stylist team who’s supposed to make her a glam diva in the music industry, though she went through accountable weight loss.

“Ari Lennox might quite literally have the worst team in the music industry. This woman is only 29 can they dress her age instead of like a 40-year-old aunty. (Her) career is being held back by bad marketing and a cheap team.”

While others commented that it’s not the fault of the stylist, instead the singer doesn’t fall into the category of early 20s women.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her outfit. I think she looks a bit older anyway. I would’ve never thought she was still In her 20s just from appearances. Do you think she needs to do something more unique with her style to stand out or something?”

ari lennox weight loss

Ari Lennox’s body transformation pictures

Additionally, some of them pointed out her postures, which made her unnecessarily grumpy in pictures.

“I don’t think her outfits are old aunty but I do think she has a horrible posture that makes things look frumpy and ages her. She should work on that.”

Though everyone noticed her body transformation in a bikini one of the users spoke about how he/she didn’t like the singer’s facial harmony following the weight loss.

“I don’t like her face with the weight loss but I like the body. I feel so torn. OP what are some clothes you’d like to see her in instead?”

ari lennox weight loss

Ari Lennox showing off her trim figure in a bikini

Despite the backlashes, Lennox is rocking off her curves in bikinis and chic outfits. The change is noticed; now, she has toned arms, a defined waistline, and reduced baby fat on her face.

How did Ari Lennox Lose Weight?

She lost weight from hitting the gym frequently and grabbing a healthy diet. Even her trainer took to social media to share the singer’s devotion to the weight loss journey. Let’s demarcate Lennox’s diet plans:

Ari Lennox Diet Plans

Back in 2019, she used to gulp down bacon, egg, potato bread, and cheese sandwich alongside a cup of tea. At the same time, she didn’t miss a glass of wine; still, she thanked God for taking care of her figure though she didn’t set an alarm for physical activity. The singer craved chicken most of the time despite knowing it wasn’t good for health all the time.

“It is terrible. All that’s out there is fast food restaurants. It’s just really hard to commit to clean eating, and then sometimes you don’t want to eat cold salads”

However, Lennox realized that unhealthy snacks, fried foods, and junk packets are convenient ways to increase one’s weight. So, she attempted to stay away from fast-food restaurants, alcohol, and partying time, which readily attracts an unhealthy diet.