Who is Angel Coulby Husband? Is She Dating Anyone?

By Sandy
Published on May 8, 2022, Updated on May 8, 2022

Who is Angel Coulby Husband? Is She Dating Anyone? Photo credit: Instagram/angelcoulbyarmy

For many celebrities, being in the spotlight is part of the job. However, some celebrity recluses go to great lengths to avoid it like the plague. Likewise, English actress Angel Coulby has somehow remained famous while in hiding, putting out more work and striking a healthy balance to her life. Though she continues to work in films and TV series, she has done an outstanding job in keeping her personal life or we say, relationship status, completely out of the reach of the public and media. 

Angel Coulby (born August 30, 1980) is an English actress in film, television, and theatre. She is perhaps best known for her portrayal of the character Gwen in the BBC fantasy series Merlin. She is also popular for her roles in The Tunnel, Thunderbirds Are Go, and innocent. 

Many handsome models and actors are attracted to Coulby since she has bright brown eyes and strong features, which makes it hard for the men to resist her, of course.

So, does it mean Angel Coulby had a lot of men? Surprisingly, not really. She might be the center of attention quite often, but she is only linked to one man throughout her entire career. We will get more insight about it here.

Is Angel Coulby Married?

Angel Coulby is apparently not married. She has never admitted to getting married nor made any public appearance with her partner till now.

However, it is suspected that she had a romantic relationship with actor Bradley James, who also happens to be his on-screen husband, which was likely an initiator of their relationship in the least.

Angel Coulby and Bradley James - Relationship, Dating

Angel Coulby and Bradley James were on-screen husband and wife in BBC hit Merlin. Photo credit: Pinterest

The English actress shared the screen with James in the 2008-12’s hit BBC TV series, Merlin. In the series, Coulby’s character Gwen was the wife of James’ character Arthur.

Their chemistry in Merlin was so strong that many viewers thought they were together in real life since the show aired. However, James was dating his girlfriend, Georgia May King, at the time, but they split sometime in 2011-2012. Shortly after, James and Coulby started going out. But they never went public with their relationship.

Angel Coulby and Bradley James Had Been Very Private About Their Relationship

Since August 2011, Angel Coulby and Bradley James have been spotted together on multiple occasions. In 2012, when asked about her kiss with Bradley, Coulby said:

“Do it, it’s like another part of the job. And, you know, Bradley and I, we’re buddies. So we just kind of put up with it and did it. I think Bradley enjoyed….”

It’s said that Coulby and James finally agreed to be a pair and dated for years. But they never explicitly said in their interviews that the two were lovers.

Angel Coulby and Bradley James

Angel Coulby and Bradley James were reportedly dating around 2011. Photo credit: Pinterest

Because of that, fans started speculating on Reddit and YouTube‘s comment section regarding their relationship – some claimed them to be married, whereas some claimed they were not even dating.

Many online sites also cited them as a husband and wife duo. In one of Dailymail’s articles, published on October 30, 2020, it was stated that Angel Coulby was dating Bradley James around 2011.

However, neither Coulby nor James confirmed any of the speculations regarding their love affair. Even if they dated each other some years ago, one thing is sure, they had already separated by the year 2017.

Bradley James and Jay Ellen

Bradley James and Jay Ellen were a couple and even engaged at one point. Photo credit: Instagram/fanbradleyjames

In 2017, Bradley James was in a relationship with a woman named Jay Ellen, and the two even got engaged in October 2017. They separated without even getting married.

Who is Angel Coulby Baby Father?

Though Angel Coulby hasn’t revealed anything about having a husband or a boyfriend, she has been open about becoming a parent.

On October 1, 2019, while talking about climate change and how it affects children, Coulby revealed that she has a son.

On August 12, 2020, in an interview with Broadway World, Coulby said that her son would be two-and-a-half years old by August. She also mentioned that her son kept her occupied during the lockdown.

Coulby’s son is now 4 years old. However, the actress has still kept the identity of her son’s father under wraps.