Alison Hammond Has Lost a Significant Weight: What’s Her Secret?

By Sandy
Published on November 24, 2021, Updated on November 24, 2021

Photo credit: Instagram/alisonhammond55

Alison Hammond has lost a significant amount of weight in the last few years. But how did she manage to do it?

Alison Hammond is a British television presenter who is best known for hosting the ITV show This Morning. She first rose to stardom when she appeared on the third series of Big Brother (UK) in 2002. Since then, she has appeared on many reality TV programs such as I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here and Celebrity Fit Club.

Alison has been making rounds on the internet for her incredible transformation. She shed a lot of weight by changing her diet and getting into a fitness routine.

But what drove her to make such a significant change in her life? Let’s find out along with her fitness routine and diet changes.

What Made Alison Hammond Lose Weight?

Alison Hammond has always been candid about her weight issues. At her heaviest, she weighed 20 stones.

In an interview, Alison said that one of the key triggers for her making a positive change was her mother’s own health battle.

Alison Hammond heaviest weight

Alison Hammond weighed 20 stones at her heaviest. Photo credit: Instagram/alisonhammond55

She explained to The Sun that the turning point came after the second lockdown. She said:

“Lockdown was dire for me in terms of weight. I couldn’t control my eating or how much exercise I did. It got to a stage where my doctor said: ‘You’ve got to do something about this, Alison’.”

Alison’s doctor’s concern is heightened by her pre-diabetic condition and the fact that her late mother had diabetes. She said:

“I’ve never had health issues until then. It scared me because my mum had diabetes and I want to be there for my son.”

Alison Hammond Changed Her Lifestyle To Shed Pounds

After her doctor’s warning, Alison decided to incorporate healthy habits into her lifestyle. Now, she has turned her health, and her pre-diabetes diagnosis, around.

Alison Hammond weight loss

Photo credit: Instagram/alisonhammond55

Alison has started walking and has cut out sugar from her food intake. She told:

“I decided to do something about it. I go for walks and I cut out sugar. I feel a lot better. I’m not weighing myself, because you feel it in your clothes. I’m no longer pre-diabetic, and I’m doing really well.”

Alison Hammond Diet and Workout Routine

Embarrassed by her size, Alison decided to make a change. She started exercising with a personal trainer following workouts, which include using kettlebells and lifting weights. She also changed her eating habits completely.

Alison signed up for WW and has now become an ambassador for the weight loss group. She explained:

“This is something I wanted to achieve for a long time and I haven’t managed it on my own, so I went to my local workshop and met my lovely Wellness Coach Andrea and the rest is history!

Alison Hammond before and after weight loss

Alison Hammond before and after weight loss. Photo credit:

The presenter also mentioned that she changed her diet. She has started eating more healthy meals, fruits and vegetables, and drinking more water. She said:

“One [I have changed] is drinking more water. I didn’t realise that often when I used to snack, it was because I was thirsty. I try to get through at least two litres of water every day now and that makes me feel so much better.”

Alison added:

“Secondly, I’m doing a bit more exercise. I now have a personal trainer and he’s amazing. I work at my own pace – we do circuits and I absolutely love it.”

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