Alexis Ren Plastic Surgery – Did She Went Under The Knife Like The Claims?

By Sandy
Published on March 21, 2022, Updated on March 21, 2022

Alexis Ren Plastic Surgery: Did She Went Under The Knife Like The Claims? Photo credit: Instagram/alexisren

Alexis Ren is a supermodel and social media personality with a massive following on Instagram. She graced the cover of Maxim in 2017, and was named Sports Illustrated’s 2018 ‘Swimsuit Rookie Of The Year.’ The 25-year-old model has never been shy about sharing photographs of her affluent travel lifestyle online, but she often faces plastic surgery claims from both supporters and haters.

Ren began modeling at the age of 13 for the Italian apparel brand Brandy Melville, and her career skyrocketed a few years later when a photoshoot she did with prominent Los Angeles photographer Lucas Passmore went viral on Tumblr.

Alexis Ren Plastic Surgery

Ren’s career is officially booming, therefore it’s no wonder that she, like most other celebrities, has taken her spot on the rumor mill. Many Instagram commenters have chastised the model for allegedly altering her appearance with plastic surgery, which includes a boob job, lip injections, a nose job, and a butt lift.

Did Alexis Ren Have a Boob Job?

Alexis Ren’s breasts weren’t as firm and perky as they are now, as evidenced by her before and after photos. In fact, they are at least one bra size smaller than the photo on the right. This leads us to believe that she has had breast augmentation surgery to increase her cup size.

Alexis Ren boob job

Alexis Ren’s “Before and After” photo comparison.

From her cleavage, we can deduce that she chose breast implants over the fat grafting surgery, which entails fat collection (through liposuction) and then transfer into the boobs. What are your thoughts?

However, back in 2014, Ren addressed the rumors head-on in a simple, straightforward tweet:

Ren’s probably speaking the truth; after all, her profession began when she was a teenager when her body was still developing. So, you judge yourself after comparing her before and after pictures.

Has Alexis Ren had Lip Injections?

Alexis Ren lip fillers

Alexis Ren’s lip compared

The comparison above shows that Alexis Ren’s “After” lips are twice as plump as they were before. Her lips are much sexier, especially with her messy hair, makeup, and everything else. Based on this, we believe that she has lip fillers injected into both her top and bottom lip.

Did Alexis Ren Get a Nose Job?

Alexis Ren nose job

Alexis Ren’s nose compared

We haven’t noticed any alterations in Ren’s nose shape. In her “before and after” photos, her nasal bridge and nose tip look to be quite consistent. So it’s highly unlikely that she’s had rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job.

Did Alexis Ren Get Butt Implants?

There is no denying that Alexis Ren has a stunning body that many girls can only dream about. Her butt is likely one of her most valuable assets, but does she have any butt implants on her bottom?

Alexis Ren butt implants

Photo credit: Instagram/alexisren

Given how often the supermodel works out, it’s not uncommon for Ren to have a solid buttock. So, for the time being, we’ll just disregard any butt-lift or butt implants until we find further evidence.


Alexis Ren isn’t the first person to get plastic surgery to improve her body, and she won’t be the last. It’s really no one’s business to pass judgment on her appearance, whether she had plastic surgery or not. It’s her body, and she’s the only one who can do what she wants with it.