Good News is something that excites you! We are now open to advertisements.

With Article Mix, you can advertise your business, products, or whatsoever unless it violets the company rules. Also, we are open to any kind of ads of any banner sizes.

What to do?

  • As Article Mix is a website for a wide variety of topics, you can advertise almost anything, but not NSFW, Racism, Adult Contents, and Beliefs.
  • Pitch an Advertising plan and send it to
  • Wait for our reply; the response will be quick.
  • If we like the pitch, our marketing department will contact you.
  • Prepare the ad; it might be a banner, video, static, or dynamic ad.
  • Finally, make a deal! The deal details will be sent to you from the team!

It’s that simple to add ad banners in here. We also give you multi-options, like selecting a list of pages where you want to place the ad.

The advertisements are limited to the businesses and products of the United States, Canada, India, All Europe, and Australia.

Hurry Up! The advertisement spaces might not always be available.