Adele’s Weight Loss: What’s her Diet Secrets?

By Anna Maria
Published on May 22, 2020, Updated on May 23, 2020

Adele's Weight Loss

Adele is unrecognizable in the recent photographs. Fans wondered if she is the same artist who gave soul to songs: “Rolling in the Deep,” “Someone like you,” and “Set Fire to the Rain.” She shed 22 kilos, and the result is fantastic.

Well, she has been comfortable on her skin since her debut in 2009. The artist didn’t feel pressure to look a certain way. She was gleeful to represent the majority of women instead of resembling the models of a magazine. No matter how she looks now and then, fans are only worried about her vocal cord, which has a history of surgery in 2011. Howbeit, there’s no harm in spilling the weight loss secrets of Adele, isn’t it?

Adele’s Weight Loss

In a recent Instagram post, 32, Adele, is comparatively lean than she ever has since she debuted with her soothing voice. The birthday photograph quite stirred the social media since she was barely recognizable. It wasn’t the first time; she practiced weight loss program ages ago, either through cutting sugar and carbs or hitting the gym. On return, fans could figure out the visible change, whenever she bagged the awards at Grammy.

She planned to get in the shape rather than acquiring a size zero. However, she found working out session as tiring as hell. Adele didn’t enjoy following the working out routines yet loved doing weights without looking at the mirror. Also, she changed her diet to plant diets like kale; it readily lessened up the body fat. Well, it’s a weight loss story dated back to 2015, now it’s a whole different weight loss secret of 2020.

Adele’s Weight Loss Timeline

One doesn’t lose pounds overnight. It’s a hard work of months and years. Let’s find out how Adele has transformed since 2015.

Adele weight timeline 2015

In 2015, Adele had her musical comeback with the new album ’25’. Source: Los Angeles Times

In 2015, she had her musical comeback with the new album ’25’. Fans could see her in most of the promotional events, where she had sharpened cheekbones. After all, she cut back sugary diets, but not completely.

Adele Weight Timeline 2016

Adele at the Brit Awards 2016 Source: The Sun

A year later, she still looked amazing, whatever outfit she graced for outdoors or events. She followed her trainer Pete Geracimo and gulped down plant diet to shed more pounds. It was visible, wasn’t it?

Adele Weight Timeline 2017

Adele at Grammy Awards 2017 Source: Pinterest

She appeared stunning on the military green gown by Givenchy Couture at the 2017 Grammy Awards. The gown symbolized feminine and power. Adele confidently talked about plans on marriage and kids.

Adele Weight Timeline 2018

Adele on white gown during her best mate’s wedding Source: The Sun

In 2018, she felt ill and canceled her shows. Though it wasn’t a year for fans, Adele marks it as a special year when she planned a wedding for her best friend, Alan Carr. She was ravishingly gorgeous on a white gown.

Adele Weight Timeline 2019

Adele, seen with her new look, looking slim and athletic at Drake’s birthday party celebration In Hollywood. 23 Oct 2019 Pictured: Adele. Photo credit:

She kept low on the weight loss program as she wanted to be the healthiest mother for her daughter, Angelo, in 2019. Still, she spent an hour on a gym, drenched in sweats, and then went back home.

This 2020, the entire transformation is bling-bling!

Adele’s Secret Diet Plan and Workouts

Everyone wants to know what she had on diet and how often did she hit the gym. Fortunately, the trainer, who has worked in the fitness industry for 25 years, hasn’t kept it a secret:

Have a Realistic Diet

He believes in realistic training and diet. There are no short-cuts. He looks for long-haul results rather than quick fixing. Though the markets advertise short fixes like pills, potions, supplements, and powders, he urges to have healthy and varied food.

Engage in Physical Activity

It’s not only about a healthy diet, and he advises folks to engage in physical exercise too. The trainer often led Adele to jump in exhaustive cardio to burn fats. As per him, the workout sessions vary “from bodyweight and resistance band work to weight training and boxing.” Additionally, the singer joined Pilates to get into the shape.

Have a Proper and Sound Sleep

A human body needs restful sleep compulsorily. Adele, a mother of Angelo, has a frantic schedule from studio works to travel tickets. If she gets a night of sound sleep, the strained muscle and brain continuously repair and relax consecutively. Similarly, science explains how sleep deprivation causes to release the insulin, which in turn elevates the fat storage in a body.

Now, that explains the drastic transformation of Adele.

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