Actress Mimi Keene Looks Totally Different Than Before – Result Of Plastic Surgery Or Puberty?

By Sandy
Published on October 20, 2021, Updated on November 23, 2021

Mimi Keene Plastic Surgery details | Photo credit: Instagram/mimikeene3

The internet is currently buzzing over Mimi Keene’s boob job plastic surgery. Did Sex Education’s Ruby Matthews star have her breasts surgically altered? Take a look at Mimi Keene’s before and after photos.

You probably didn’t expect to fall in love with Ruby Matthews, Moordale Secondary’s resident cruel girl, if you binge-watched Sex Education Season 3. We were taken aback when we learned in the new season that our beloved protagonist Ottis — who isn’t so smooth with the ladies — had fallen under her spell. On the other hand, Ottis turned out to be the perfect person to help Ruby open up and let her guard down.

Ruby, played by 23-year-old Mimi Keene, goes through a lot of growth in the third season and is no longer defined by her elitism or shallow remarks. Thanks to actor Mimi Keene, she emerges from the third season as a humorous and varied figure liked by fans, letting go of her need to be perfect.

In addition to her stunning performance on Sex Education Season 3, Mimi Keene is currently making the rounds for her purported plastic surgery endeavors, including a breast job. Is it true that she went under the knife? Let’s have a look.

Mimi Keene Plastic Surgery – Changes Due to Puberty?

Every time a new face appears on our screens, viewers strive to figure out whether their beauty is “real” or “fake.” Mimi was already a well-known face before she arrived at Moordale High, having played Cindy Williams in EastEnders from 2013 to 2015.

Mimi Keene before and after

Mimi Keene’s facial traits appear much more different than before. Photo credit:

Needless to say, Mimi has piqued the interest of viewers with her brilliant depiction of Ruby Matthews. However, fans are interested in more than just her on-screen performance. Many people couldn’t help but notice her physical transformation.

But here’s the thing: to compare Mimi’s 24-year-old face with the one she had during her time on EastEnders is a little insane, isn’t it?

Mimi was cast in the role of Cindy Williams when she was only 15 years old, and around that time, everyone goes through puberty, which is a major transition in one’s life. It causes changes in bone structure, with the face getting longer and more angular and the cavities within the face becoming larger (this is why even women’s voices drop a few tones when they approach adolescence).

Has Mimi Keene had Breast Implants?

Many have noticed changes in Mimi’s breasts, among other physical transformations, claiming she recently had breast augmentation.

Is it safe to assume that the actress has undergone breast augmentation? Our specialists appear to agree with the fans’ suspicions, despite the lack of formal proof. Mimi Keene does look like she’s had a boob job.

Mimi Keene Boob job

Photo credit: Instagram/mimikeene3

On the contrary, the changes in the size of her breasts may also be the result of puberty. As she has grown over the years, it’s a natural process for breasts to get bigger.

Meanwhile, it’s unlikely that the Ruby Matthews actress from Sex Education will comment on her new look anytime soon, so all of these rumors will remain just that: guesses that can’t be confirmed or rejected.