About Us

Article Mix is a Global Media Publisher that creates world-class content. It is a media project served in 1 language right now: en-US. Our virtual family and readers are from the USA, Canada, France, Spain, the U.K., and many other countries.

Remember, we’re not just another celebrity gossip and news site. We are dedicated to bringing the latest articles and trending stories to you first in today’s trend-driven world.

We aim to make this world a better place. So, we do our best in creating content that inspires people, entertain them, and also help them learn more about our beautiful world.

Being the U.S. based Media and Digital Marketing Company, Article Mix has capable, hardworking, and smart team members. Our team members consist of website developers, trending topic researchers, a group of journalism experts, news photographers, video creators, and SEO experts.

Our articles are of these categories:


In this category, we focus mainly on the trending contents, whether it be celebrity news, or it is nation-wide news. The materials here will be factual, and the sources are indicated.


In this category, we focus on celebrities’ life, their rumors, controversies, success stories, nip slips, family, and relationships. As we share personal information here, we do have a policy of removing the content, if it hampers anyone’s own life.


As the name suggests, in this category, we focus on people’s biography. You can get information of your favorite people whether he/she is a celebrity, politician, celebrity babies, influencers, and whatnot.

Movies and TV Shows

In this category, we focus on upcoming movies and T.V. shows, the spoiler alerts, and summaries. The notice of Spoiler Alert will be included.


In this topic, we focus on different sub-topics related to lifestyle. The contents here are related to Beauty, Travel, Culture, Food, Fitness, Health, Talent, and Life Hacks.

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